esobi Inc., founded in 2006, is expertise in internet information aggregation, search and management on multiple solutions. Nowadays, esobi Inc. has successfully expanded its core value and focus on information utilization with technology development and enhancement to provide user-friendly and highly efficient internet information management software cross PC & mobility device to users worldwide.

Aggregated Information that Touches Your Life

Backed by a group of highly-talented software engineers, esobi Inc. has devoted on delivering innovative internet information utilization solutions for PC and mobility device to users. esobi Inc. and its affiliated business partners are dedicated in advancing information collection together with searching efficiency and flexibility for daily practice, while providing customization for information collected. Our goal is to make information collecting, searching, and compiling as easy for all end-users as possible. Acer, the world's leading brand for PCs and NBs, has chosen eSobi as business partner and bundles esobi Inc. product along with its worldwide product distribution; today, millions of Acer users are enjoying the benefits of the intelligent Internet information management provided by eSobi. In addition, Taiwan Certificate Association (TWCA), the leading on-line financial security certificate service provider in Taiwan, has taken esobi Inc.'s product as its members’ honorarium due to its efficiency in investment information gathering.

With your encouragement, esobi Inc. will continuously enhance its beneficial solution tools and bring out user-friendly features for worldwide users on multiple platforms.